Monday, December 23, 2013

Peanut Post: 22 Month Update

Dear little Peanut,

I can't believe that in 2 short months you will be celebrating your second birthday.  Going through pregnancy for a second time and looking so forward to the due date makes me remember just how quickly your birth came and went.  It's so funny how being a parent works - on the one hand, it seems like just a few months ago that you were in my belly, but on the other, you've been a part of my life forever.  Daddy and I still joke about how it feels like we're missing a limb when we go out without you (which isn't too often, but we try once in awhile).  Looking at you now just amazes me.  You are truly your own little person and becoming more and more independent every day.  On the one hand, we embrace this with the hope that you will fall into your big sis/big girl role happily and willingly.  Then again, it scares me to death.  My baby is growing up.... <sigh>.

A few milestones this month (and probably a lot more that my tired, pregnant brain has already forgotten):

- 3 new teeth!  Yep, all three of your remaining eye teeth decided to cut through at once.  Poor girl!  They are starting to work their way down and that will complete your baby teeth (at least til the next molars come).

- Climbing out of your crib - yep, as of the other night, you figured out how to swing that little leg up and over what I once thought of as the deepest, sturdiest, safest crib ever.  Aw, beginners.  Your motivation?  To snuggle.  For whatever reason, you insisted all night long that we should rock and snuggle as opposed to sleep.  So much that you climbed out of your crib to protest.  And the world changed forever.  You are no longer "caged" and Daddy and I are stuck deciding whether to put you in your big girl bed (which seems crazy since the one in your room now is a queen) or keep you in the crib as long as possible.  I guess we will see how it plays out...

I don't know why we were so surprised,
you basically climb everything lately!

- Wanting to sit at the table - For awhile it was enough to push your highchair up to the table, but lately you want to sit on a chair (a booster seat is also acceptible as long as it's on a big chair).  Too bad your not a little taller, because it would make this transition much easier!  But it is super cute and definitely easier to just plop you in a chair.

- Carrying on conversations - The past few months your talking has really taken off and now you're talking in fairly long sentences of 6-8 or more words.  You come up with ideas on your own and respond to questioning with sometimes surprisingly thoughtful answers.  That being said, the world is still pretty black and white to you.  But you have thoughts and wants and feelings and by golly, you aren't afraid to voice them!  Some of your favorite sentences lately are:  "I want a big sister, Mom!" "I want to watch baby videos on Mama's phone."  "I'm sitting on the table."  "I want to dance with Daddy"  "I want to put shoes/hat/shirt/pants/socks/slippers/etc. on/off"  and "I trust Dot-dot" (our older dog, I'm sure you heard us say this at one point, but not sure why you like to repeat it so much)

I want to dance!
(Cinderella is also a popular dance partner lately)

- Counting - You will now count on your own, always 1 to 6, and sometimes all the way to 10, but more likely it goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 10!  Hey, it's a start though.

- Basic shapes - this is a new one, but you are beginning to recognize basic shapes like circle and square.  Circle is definitely your favorite because you love rings, bracelets, circular pretzels (which also make good rings), etc.

- Reading to yourself - You've always loved books and loved for us to read them to you, but recently you've decided you like to "read" them, too.  We love listening to you tell us what's happening on each page.

- Learning (a few) manners - This has been/is still an ongoing battle, but you are finally learning to say please and thank you.  We have been trying hard to teach you table manners, as in don't throw your food, but this has been a battle.

- Helping - This isn't super new, but you've started to really like to help Mama and Daddy around the house with things like cooking, emptying the dishwasher (even when the dishes are dirty... unfortunately you can even open it on your own), vacuuming, and washing anything.  We're still working on picking up after yourself - of course, this is your least favorite chore to help with.

- Playing dress-up - This is a definite favorite since Aunt Lindsey got you a few princess dresses for Christmas!  A few days, this has pretty much been all you will wear.

This is definitely one of the most fun yet challenging stages you've been in.  With more independence comes more disagreements, more fits, and more challenges to just how far you can push us.  But we get to know you better and better each day through all your crazy/cute stories, expressions, and reactions to the world around you.  I am trying to treasure each day with you, even the difficult ones.  We can't wait until your baby sister gets here, but we also can't imagine not calling you the baby.  So let's just soak up every minute of just the three of us and you being the only center of our world.  What a wonderful world it is with you!  Love you like crazy, little Annalyn!



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