Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hunt for the Miracle Hand Cream

Every winter, I struggle with dry, cracked hands.  It's a combination of dry air, working with my hands and lots of paper, and washing them like crazy in an effort to minimize sharing all my patients cough/cold/flu germs this time of year.  After using this Vaseline hand cream for the last couple years (and loving it), it just wasn't working this season.  Perhaps my skin has changed, or maybe it's just not cutting it anymore.  Either way, I was on the hunt for a new hand cream, especially to have at work.  Like any good millennial would do, I asked the Facebook world for recommendations.  And, just like I knew they would, several of my friends came to my aid with recommendations.  Here are a few of them that I've tried so far:  (I ended up stopping after 5 because I found some I really liked!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Holiday Memories 2015

Sorry, girls, but I haven't gotten around to much blogging lately.  We've still been cooking like crazy (just not as many new recipes), and traveling here and there and everywhere for all the holidays.  I just can't keep up!  But I did remember to jot down a few memories from Annalyn's 4th and Emelina's 2nd Christmas (spoiler alert:  they are not all sugarplums and candy canes.  You two are maniacs these days and take turns challenging us at every turn.) In sort of random order, not even chronologic... see previous sentence for reasoning:

-Annalyn's first Christmas program - Ok, so there really is nothing cuter than putting 30 preschoolers on a stage to sing Christmas songs.  You loved every second of it and belted out every word.  Between songs you started the always fun trend of "Hi, Grandma! Hi, Daddy!" (That's right, no shout out for Mama...)  Afterwards we all had cookies that I got to come help bake with your class the day before and the kids enjoyed a visit from Santa.


-First time either of the girls met Santa - for one reason or another, you girls had never seen Santa before Annalyn's Christmas program, so it was a big surprise when he showed up with presents for all the kids and siblings.  Annalyn shocked us all and got scared when you was sitting with your class and Santa reached over you to hand a present to another kid.  Usually, you are fearless when it comes to social interaction, but a big guy, red suit, room packed full of people you don't know - I get it!  Emma did better than we expected, and while neither of you wanted to sit on his lap, you both thanked him for the gift, gave a high five, and took a candy cane when he offered.  Good enough for me, girls!

running to see Santa!

-Annalyn running downstairs to try to see Santa - This had to be one of the cutest moments of Christmas for us.  Not long after we tucked you in tight and reinforced the need to go to sleep so Santa could come, we heard you throw open the door, sprint down the stairs, into the kitchen, then back into the living room, frantically trying to catch a peek of Santa.  Daddy and I were in the office looking at pictures we'd taken from Christmas Eve, so we heard more than we saw.  Your eyes were wild with excitement, and it was obvious that sleep would take a while, but eventually you gave in so that Santa could make his stop and enjoy what was left of the cookies (although you and Emma ate most of Rudolph's carrots).
I would like to caption this one, "the bulldog and the Grinch"