Monday, February 9, 2015

Genius way to pack jewelry

In case you haven't caught my subtle hints that we are moving (hopefully) soon, I'll go ahead and say it officially - We put our house up for sale a couple weeks ago and are hoping to move as soon as it sells! It's been a whirlwind of cleaning/decluttering/packing as we've prepared and staged our home to sell.  It's so weird to see our house like this.  So empty, so put together, so museum-like.  So CLEAN!  Don't get me wrong, that last part is definitely nice, and it looks great, but keeping it that way is absolutely exhausting with two kids under 3 and two full time jobs.  But, so far we are managing (way to go, hunny, you're my superman!)

Here's a cool solution to one of the many packing problems I've come across:

How to pack jewelry (for move or travel)
I would love to take credit for this one, but I have to admit it was not an original idea.  Frankly, I'd have never thought to carefully wrap all my necklaces in press'n seal wrap for safe keeping while moving.  But I have to say, it was pretty genius.  You simply take a long piece of press'n seal wrap, lay the necklaces across half of it, about 1/2' apart, then fold the wrap in half.  Be sure to press down so it seals all around and in between each necklace, then you can fold the piece into a more manageable size and place in gallon zipper bags.  For organizing rings and earrings, ask your friendly local pharmacist for a weekly pill sorter - they are perfect for traveling or moving!
my entire jewelry box in one bag!

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