Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our first Disney trip! 2017

In the midst of completing our adoption home study, preparing to send Annalyn to kindergarten and Emma to preschool, we got the pleasure of escaping to Disney World for our first Disney vacation as a family (and first ever for Michael and the girls).  Luckily, we've been planning this trip for years (since I was pregnant with Annalyn and went to Disney with my mom), and it was entirely planned and paid for before we even started our adoption.  Honestly, I still had a hard time with spending any extra money, so we had groceries delivered to us and packed almost all our meals outside of the couple we'd pre-paid for.  This was one time I was so glad that I had planned ahead so far in advance, because we enjoyed every minute of the trip I never would've planned after starting the adoption process.  After promising the girls for years that we would go before Annalyn started school, I'm glad we were able to follow through with it while they are both in the short-lived magical stage.

My parents were able to go with us, which helped so much with the girls.  I can't even begin to pick a favorite anything about the trip because it was everything you imagine about a Disney vacation and more.  We have been super busy these past couple months that it was a huge treat to spend a few days just playing with nothing to worry about.  The girls are both little daredevils and rode every rollercoaster they were tall enough for with their hands in the air.  Naturally, I became known as the biggest scaredy-cat because I am not a big fan and tend to close my eyes and clutch the person next to me (in this case them) the entire time. They thought it was hilarious.

how the girls ride the coasters...
and how I ride them...

Grandma surprised the girls by treating them to a trip to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique where they got all dolled up and told they were princesses for the day.  Even better than the Elsa and Anna dresses and crowns I got them for Christmas!  I think getting to wear and later play with the makeup was their favorite part (Mom and I looked pretty snazzy the next day wearing our blue eye shadow and stick on face gems).  The pink and blue hair extensions were a big hit, too. Since we had the Magic Maker photo pass, we even got professional pictures afterwards.  Anyone that knows me knows I will cherish these babies forever.  Not having to lug around my camera was just an added bonus!
first look at their magical makeovers

I dare you not to smile at this one!

this girl has her regal look down

Elsa freezing the camera

One of my favorite parts of the trip was all the meet and greets with the Disney characters.  Naturally, we loved the princesses, with Elena and Tiana being our favorites (both before and after meeting them).  We also had a lot of fun with Tinkerbell and the classic Disney characters. 

And then there were the magic shots!  The kid in me thinks these are so fun and the girls agreed.  The best one was this one of Annalyn with Pascal taken the day after she met Rapunzel who told her to be on the lookout for him.  She was so amazed when the photo popped up and he was there!  It was great to see her believe in the magic of Disney since I'm pretty sure she won't as much when we go back with her little brother someday.  Annalyn's favorite rides:  Barnstormer coaster, Soarin' at Epcot, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, any ride that involved getting wet, and Dumbo.  Favorite characters:  Tiana, Elena, Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell.  Memorable moments:  making friends with everyone she came within 2 feet of, playing with her new friend from England in the pool and realizing they both LOVE kittens, making "happy birthday, Remy" videos, and getting to ride Dumbo with me for the first time (I've never actually gotten to ride it before this trip!).

Emma, on the other hand, was so in awe of everything.  The first princess she met was Cinderella, her self-proclaimed favorite.  She stood staring, as if in shock that she was actually meeting her.  As we went, she really started opening up talking, dancing, and smiling for pictures with the characters. Favorite rides: Barnstormer, Mine Train, Dumbo, Carousel, Daddy's shoulders (she made him carry her almost the whole time).  Favorite characters:  Cinderella, Elena, Mickey, Donald.  Memorable moments:  seeing the fireworks the first night we were there, singing Moana everywhere we went, complaining about her wristband every morning then not at all the rest of the day, refusing to wear the princess dresses she's been obsessed with at home because "they're itchy!", and making a huge mess with any and everything she ate/drank.

We are already looking forward to our next Disney trip years from now when we can take all three of our kiddos.  But for now, back to the home study, adoption education, paperwork, and fundraising.  And then, preparing my heart to send my girls to kindergarten and preschool in August.  That might take a hefty dose of faith, trust, and pixie dust for this mama! (Don't worry, I have a guy... or pixie rather.)

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