Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Convos with Peanut: What do you see?

On our way home from Huntington after Christmas... along I-69 near Fishers exits...

Mama - Annalyn, look out the window at all the pretty lights!  What do you see?

Annalyn - A pig!

Mama - A pig?  What kind of pig? (as there's no pig in my line of sight)

Annalyn - A BIG PIG!!

Mama - What's a pig say?

Annalyn - (pausing for second to think, then...)  HAKUNA MATATA!!!

Oh, Peanut!  Mama and Daddy were rolling.  I was laughing so hard I was crying. 

Lion King (or "Mean lion and the 'ninas" as you call it - seriously, what little kid roots for the bad guys??) has definitely become your first favorite Disney movie.  You often run around the kitchen island yelling "I'm running from the 'ninas!" but hearing you say hakuna matata just made my day.  Since then, you've realized the conundrum of having two kinds of pigs so you specify warthogs by calling them "hakuna matata pigs" and farm pigs are just pigs.  But hyenas are definitely your favorite part.  It really blew your mind when you discovered there was a hyena in your "Goodnight Gorilla" book.  Silly little Peanut.  That little personality gets bigger every day!

running from the 'ninas!!
(so fast that my phone couldn't keep up)

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