Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The little things - counting my blessings

With the stress of moving weighing heavily on us lately, I decided to make a point of focusing on the positives (however small). Here are 10 little things that made me smile in the last 10 days:

3/15 - watching Emma walk back and forth between Mom and me. Taking up to 7-8 steps at a time!

3/16 - finding out one of my favorite patients had an umpire company with her husband, and has been involved with softball for over 50 years. Talked to her many many times and never made that connection. Love finding new ways to connect with people over shared passions. 

3/16 - move in day milk! Michael got groceries after work today and sent me this picture. What a good guy!

3/17 - the rare shopping outing with my mom. Even if Annalyn had a meltdown in Homegoods, and Emma missed her morning nap, it was so nice to get out. I even found a couple pairs of curtains for the new house!

3/19 - I was trying to teach Emma to high five, but she just kept putting her face in my hand. So I responded with "not high FACE, high five!" Annalyn started cracking up, came over, and asked to "high face" me. Apparently it's our thing now, because she high faced me goodnight, too. 

3/21 - I got to take the girls to the zoo while the appraiser was at our house. Emma got to try her first zoo pretzel (one of my favorites!) Sitting at the table with my two girls reminded me of the shopping trips my mom, sister, and I used to take. So much to look forward to!

3/21 - after the zoo, we put the girls down for their nap and worked like mad packing up and organizing boxes in the  garage. It was such a beautiful day that we had the garage door open, no jackets, and truly enjoyed just talking while we worked.

3/22 - Daddy and Annalyn made breakfast. Such a sweet morning 

3/22 - Emma decided to be super "helpful" while we were packing up the kitchen... The joy on her face was priceless as she shoved handfuls of Cheerios in her mouth. 

3/25 - Annalyn drew a picture of our new house. It was red with a brown door, black roof, green grass, purple flowers, yellow sunshine, black kitty, and a park. I love that she's so excited for our next adventure!

Just a reminder to look for the little things that make you smile each day, even if you don't actually count your blessings :)

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