Friday, April 14, 2017

Peanut Post: Preschool Lunches, Part II

A few more of our favorite school lunches. (See Part I here.) Annalyn is a huge fan of mixed nuts and dried berries, so you'll see a lot of those included in this round! I try to mix it up day to day, but I also only get groceries once per week, so I also try to be efficient!

1.  Turkey/spinach wraps, olive/cheese skewers, dried fruit
2. The ever-popular turkey/string cheese rollup, carrots, berries, and crackers/pea crisps

3.  Pepperoni pizzadilla, carrots, craisins/mixed nuts

4. Half chicken sandwich, snap peas, cantaloupe, applesauce 

5. Turkey/spinach wrap, veggies, oyster crackers, mixed nuts/dried fruit

6.  Peanut butter/crackers, string cheese, grapes, mixed nuts/fruit

7. Half PB&J sandwich, carrots/peas, mixed nuts/fruit, peeled cutie orange

8. "The homemade lunchable" - Salami/pepperoni rolls, string cheese, snowflake crackers, strawberries, almond butter and oat energy ball (AKA "Hanger balls," a cookbook exclusive!)

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