Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Baby: Week 10


Dear Baby,

We are a fourth of the way there!  Getting so close to the end of the dreaded first trimester and time to tell the world of your existence.  Still not feeling great, but honestly starting to feel better already! (A big change from your sister where a threw up til week 24... hoping this is a good sign.)  We've had 3 ultrasounds now, and the last two we've been able to see/hear your heartbeat, which is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.  I can't wait until you're big enough to use my stethoscope to listen in.  I feel like I'm already starting to show a little (partially from the bloating thanks to supplemental progesterone and pregnancy itself, but also probably your expanding home.)  I can't believe how much different my second pregnancy is - I assume this means you will be different, too, as most siblings are.  No major feelings one way or another as far as your gender, but anxious to find out already.  The last ultrasound (at about 9 weeks) was a fun one - you're looking more like a little baby already (or more accurately a gummy bear) and wiggled around for me to see.  Very comforting for a nervous mama.  This week we've officially told most of our family and a few close friends, which is starting to make it feel more real.  Everyone is thrilled to meet you.  "Uncle" Jeff and Derek's prediction is that you will come during the Indy 500 around Memorial Day and it will be an even better story than Daddy being at Moe & Johnny's when my water broke with Annalyn (even though Daddy's never gone to the 500 with them, they are still hopeful!).  I don't know about that, but feel free to come a little early like big sis - it sure made for an easier delivery.

This pregnancy is so much different than the first.  For one, I feel pretty darn good during the day (as long as I eat constantly) but awful as soon as night sets in.  I'm sleeping great (partially due to the Diclegis for nausea which contains doxylamine, an antihistamine similar to Benadryl).  Daddy's hoping this means you're a boy, but I just can't decide.  Most people that know me are saying boy, but we have some girl votes, too. We will find out soon enough I suppose.  Just keep growing and developing and becoming the amazing little person we look forward to meeting next spring and we will be happy, proud parents.  It's funny how much I've connected with you already.  I talk to you in the car, I dream about you and what you'll be like (in between the hilarious and slightly embarrassing dreams about eating filet mignon, mostly because it's near impossible to cook one well done and I know this).  Not too many cravings yet, but more like I try something that works and stick with it for awhile until it "doesn't work."  For a couple weeks it was Jimmy John's BLTs, yesterday it was Thai sweet and sour chicken, the last week it was Lean Cuisine frozen paninis.  Good thing I work in a grocery store with lots of options! 

Much the same as with Annalyn, I LOVE being pregnant.  Despite the nausea, constipation, exhaustion, emotional craziness, etc., I've never felt better about myself.  The sense of purpose, the realization of the amazing miracle happening inside me, the anticipation of getting to meet you and becoming a family of 4 - all of it thrills me.  Daddy says he can't wait until my belly is huge and he can feel you move.  That's what really makes it real for him.  In the meantime, Daddy is my saving grace.  I can't believe how much he's picked up the slack around the house while I've been sick.  Please thank him for that someday when you're old enough to understand. 

Big Sis calls you "tummy baby" and loves to hug, kiss, and pat-pat my belly.  I can tell my belly's getting bigger because as soon as I take my coat off after work, she points and runs over to greet "tummy baby."  We're hoping this is a good sign and that she'll be excited to embrace her new role as Big Sister.

I guess that's really all I have to report for now.  Love you like crazy, little bean.


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