Monday, November 25, 2013

Last Minute Thanksgiving Menu Planning

Since I just haven't gotten around to cooking up any exciting new Thanksgiving recipes ahead of time this year, I figured I would give you a list of my favorite turkey day recipes.  I did a whole series of plan ahead recipes last year, so they are just ready and waiting to be compiled!  Here's how Mama does Thanksgiving:

1.  The turkey:  This lemon herb turkey recipe is my favorite way to roast the bird.  Try it with clementine oranges for a twist on this classic.

2.  Garlic mashed potatoes:  For me, there's only one way to do mashed potatoes - skins on, whole garlic mashed in, sour cream, butter, and lots of lumps.  Not a fan of garlic?  Leave it out, the potatoes won't mind. 

3.  Gravy starter:  This delicious gravy starter is made with bacon to enhance the flavor and get a head start on the perfect gravy.  It can be made up to two days ahead and gives turkey gravy amazing flavor and a beautiful rich color.

4.  Gravy:  What turkey dinner is complete without gravy?  This turkey gravy is the perfect compliment to that beautiful turkey and mashed potatoes. Made using my gravy starter, herb butter, and drippings from the bird, you don't want to skimp on the gravy.  Trust me friends, it's much better than the canned stuff.

5.  Herb Butter:  One of my secrets to the perfect turkey, this herb butter can be made up to two days ahead and stored in the fridge.  Be sure to make some extra to go on rolls and potatoes. 

6.  Pumpkin fluff pie/dip:  This delicious pumpkin fluff pie is a wonderful alternative to traditional pumpkin pie.  The best part - you don't have to cook anything and can whip it up in a matter of minutes.  Perfect if you, say, work 13 hours the day before Thanksgiving.  It also can be served as a snack/appetizer (think while everyone's waiting on that beautiful bird!) with graham crackers. 

7.  Leftover turkey:  With a turkey this delicious, you may not get to use this last part, but here's some of our favorite ways to use leftover turkey.

Well, there you have it.  All the basics for a yummy home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  Just add family, friends, and a lots of love!  Hope you all have a wonderful, delicious turkey day!


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