Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Homemade Raspberry Vinegar

We have had an abundance of raspberries around here this year, so I decided to find some creative new ways to use them.  Here's one of my latest favorites - Raspberry Vinegar.  Not only will it make great salad dressing, but I think it'd make good hostess/holiday gifts (crazy to think about, but it's coming up quickly!).  It's super easy to make, but does take some time, so plan ahead.  Here's how Mama makes it:

- 2 c. Fresh raspberries
- 2 c. Apple cider vinegar
- 1 T. Balsamic vinegar
*Note:  you can use any kind of vinegar that you like.  Some recipes use red or white wine vinegar, some just plain white vinegar, etc.  I decided to use apple cider vinegar as the base and just a touch of balsamic to add some sweetness.  I think it compliments the raspberry flavor quite nicely!


1.  Rinse raspberries, then place in a large mason jar.  

2.  Pour vinegar over the raspberries, cover and store for two weeks to allow vinegar to extract the raspberry flavor/color.  

3.  Strain through a fine mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth.  Pour raspberry vinegar into a smaller jar or container for storage.  Store in refrigerator for up to 6 months.  Use in place of other vinegars in recipes or to make raspberry vinaigrette for salads.

Look at that amazing red color!

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