Friday, November 14, 2014

First Words!!

This week little Emma surprised us with her first words!  Apparently she will be the peacekeeper in our family, because believe it or not, she said "mamama" and "dada" for the first time in the same night.  Within hours of each other actually. It was adorable.  She's said "mamama" several times since, usually when she's pleading with me to pick her up or "rescue" her from a nap.  I swear she knows what she's saying, too, because both times she's said "dada," she's been trying to get Mike's attention.  The second time was super sweet. I had just finished feeding her for the night and unlike our usual routine of sleepy milk-drunk baby, she was wide awake and flirting with Daddy. I'm pretty sure she just wanted to stay up and watch football with him (which she absolutely loves). He looked at her and said, "What? Do you want Dadada?" and immediately after she recited "Dadada" perfectly back to him.  Of course, this was his cue to give in, grab her, and snuggle. Smart baby. Smart manipulative baby. Where have I seen that before....<clears throat> Peanut.

For the record, there's also been talk of "babababa," but I think that's just babbling between the pterodactyl calls. Have a mentioned how much I love this baby stage? Truly one of my favorites!

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