Monday, August 3, 2015

About Aboo: Emelina at 14 months

Little Squishers, you are turning into quite the little lady these days!  We always joke that you are one going on five because you're constantly trying to keep up with and out-do your sister. Honestly, I am so proud of you, but sort of wish you'd just stay a baby longer (except for that whole never sleeping through the night until you were 10 months old part).  

On the flip side, Daddy and I are finally enjoying an easier phase in your and Anna's development.  You two have learned to coexist (for the most part) and have settled into your roles. Don't get me wrong, two toddler/preschool aged kids are never easy. There is no "me time" or relaxing, but it's definitely easier than it was a year ago. Maybe we just adapted? 

I love the way you idolize your big sister. You scream and shake and run with excitement when she gets up in the morning. You already ask to wear her clothes, play with her toys, and read her books. You even mimic what she says and does (unfortunately even the ornery stuff!).


- teeth - as long as it takes you to get teeth, having 6 (4 on top, 2 bottom) definitely counts as an accomplishment. You got your second top teeth while we were in NE around 13 months.

- using silverware - yep, you've honestly mastered using a fork and spoon.  Now does that stop you from subsequently smearing yogurt in your hair or smashing Cheerios into the floor or stashing Goldfish crackers in everything including your diaper?  Of course not!

- somersaults - or tumbles as you call them.  A lot of times you just bend in half and stand on your head, but you can also go all the way over now.

- dancing - ok, so it's mostly a combination of spinning and pre-jumping (you can't figure out how to get both your feet off the ground yet), but it's adorable. You LOVE all things musical.
You always stick your left arm to lead to spinning. It's so cute!

- magically turning on the light - the light in our laundry room has an automatic motion-sensor and I convinced you and Anna that you can use magic to turn it on. You walk in there, wave your arms, and make a wind type sound. It's adorable. Especially when you try it in other places.

- words - so so many now!  You are starting to mimic like crazy and even say some words on command.  Most of these are a lot easier for Daddy and me to recognize, but some are getting clear enough for other people to hear. Some of the latest include:  pup-pup, poop, pie, peach, brush, please, taste, play, toy, book, goose, beep-beep, teeth, bite, cheese, no/ya, shoes, hat

- animal sounds - cow, cat, duck, horse, dog, bird, snake, sheep

- signs - you are finally starting to sign with me more and attempt "more", "shoes", "milk", and "all done"


- foods - cheese, fruit, fish, crackers, French fries, yogurt, quesadillas, puffs

- activities - swinging, riding the tricycle, bath time, reading books, climbing, coloring, playing with the baby in the mirror, anything Anna's doing and will include you in

- toys - blankie and lambie (your lovies that you sleep with and have become pretty attached to), sunglasses, musical instruments, baby dolls
You snuggle/suck on your little blankie when your tired or need comforted.

- belly buttons - any time you see one, you poke it and say "who- whooo" like the Pilsbury dough boy.  It's hilarious.


- being wiped - you are the messiest eater I've ever seen, but you hate being wiped. 

- being away from us - you are a little pack animal and like all four of us together all the time

- being told no - this is a fit-inducing, end of the world kind of word. You definitely don't like limitations right now.

- waiting - for anything. Definitely got my impatient streak!

- when we don't know what you want - sometimes we just can't distinguish one baaaa from another. You will point and scream and repeat but we can't figure it out. Very frustrating, I'm sure.

- being in crowds - you are still very shy and really only go to mom, dad, grandma, or your babysitter. Occasionally you'll get brave and play with other family, but it's rare. 

Sweet little Emma, you are in the middle of my favorite baby stage. Sure you throw some pretty solid fits already, but they are manageable. I love how much you're learning. There's something so cool about watching someone experience simple everyday things for the first time.   I love you, I love you, I love you!


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