Saturday, August 29, 2015

Convos with Peanut: The National Anthem

We were sitting at the dinner table, waiting for Emma to be done eating and Michael was telling Annalyn about our national anthem.  He started singing it line by line and asking her to repeat it.  Somewhere after "the dawn's early light", Peanut chimed in with a loud, drawn out, very emphatic, "AND THE DRAAAA-GON!!!"

Anyone who's seen How I Met Your Mother would understand why we lost it, despite our best efforts.  (No, my kids don't watch sitcoms, they just pick up catch phrases from us.) Then we explained that the dragon doesn't belong in this song, but I think it was a little lost on our three year old who was cracking herself up.  Even Emma was laughing (she didn't know or care why).  Man, our kids are weird.  Awesome, but weird.  I hope all of your kids are weird, too, so they can be friends.  Otherwise, it will just be my two little weirdos against the world. And the world won't stand a chance...

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