Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bacon, Egg, & Tomato Jam Breakfast Sandwich

I just had to share this morning's quick but delicious breakfast sandwich.  A toasted whole grain English muffin, hard fried egg (using just a little cooking spray), and a slice of microwave bacon, with just a bit of tomato jam.  It was heavenly.  And only 7 WW points - unbelievable compared to most restaurant breakfast sandwiches. 

Peanut helped me make another big batch of tomato jam yesterday to use up all the cherry tomatoes before they go bad (we just can't keep up lately!).  She loved getting to help stir (before the pot was too hot), and cleanup with the vacuum attachment.  I love that she's started the Mama's little helper stage - so adorable!

Bacon, Egg, & Tomato Jam Breakfast Sandwich

- 1 whole grain lite English muffin
- 1 slice microwavable, pre-cooked bacon
- 1 egg, hard-fried
- cooking spray
- 1 T. tomato jam (can substitute a little cheese, dijon mustard, or your favorite savory sauce if you haven't jumped on the tomato jam bandwagon yet)
- freshly ground black pepper


1.  Spray a small omelet pan with cooking spray and heat over medium-high heat.  Add the egg and a little pepper.  Meanwhile, toast the muffin and heat the bacon.

2.  Flip the egg and continue cooking until yoke is solid (break it if you have to in a pinch).  Add a little more pepper.  Assemble the sandwich - egg, bacon, jam.  Eat if you have time, or wrap in foil to go.  I felt so spoiled!

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