Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Product Review: Sucup Feeder

Here's a new innovative product recommended by one of my readers.  As you all know, I'm a complete sucker for gadgets, especially baby gadgets, so I was super curious.  After checking out the site (www.sucup.com),  I was so impressed and intrigued by this unique design that I couldn't resist ordering one just to see how it worked. 

The product is made in the UK and received a prestigious double gold award at the British Invention Show in 2012.  The Sucup comes in two different models - the Teeny-Weany for babies 4+ months just starting on solids, and the Toddler for babies 10+ months which is designed for lumpier foods and purees.  (Obviously I ordered the Toddler version for Annalyn since she's 19 months and been eating table food for awhile now.) The cost from the US was $16.37 and I received it within a week!

After ordering the product, I actually received a personal email from the inventor thanking me for my order and asking for my feedback.  Wow, talk about amazing customer service!  They even waived my postage charge since I was their first overseas order (though I'd imagine there will be more coming soon!).

At first look, the Sucup may seem a little intimidating because of all the parts, but it comes with great directions and is super easy to put together and use.  Here's my step by step directions on how to assemble the product:

First, attach lid and piston
see how there's a little notch?
once attached, twist to hold in place

attach straw

place lid on the cup

attach mouthpiece if needed
(Annalyn's old enough, we didn't use it)

for storage or travel,
bend straw in half and place cap on top

The next order of business was to fill the cup.  I decided to use one of Annalyn's favorite breakfasts so she'd be sure to eat it - oatmeal with applesauce and cinnamon.  One of the biggest advantages over traditional pouches for me is that the food can be prepared directly in the cup - add the baby oatmeal, a little water, cinnamon, and applesauce; stir to combine and it's ready to feed - no extra dishes required!

no spill!

when ready to feed baby,
 realign the notch and press down slightly

can even make ahead
pop in the fridge and ready for breakfast the next day!

The wide mouth makes it much easier to fill, too.  Now for the real test - Peanut's opinion:


huh... this is new

I like this big straw!

can I get a refill?

And the verdict is.....

We love it!  I'm pretty sure we will be ordering more of these guys!  Here's my pro/con list so far for the Sucup:

Pros: (obviously a much bigger list!)
- easy to fill and can prepare some foods directly in cup
- easy to clean, top rack dishwasher safe
- spill-resistant, non-messy feeding method
- no waste, no squeezing
- great customer service, personal attention
- fast shipping
- 150 ml (5 oz) same or bigger than other pouches we've tried
- large mouth straw allows for lumpier purees and foods
- baby can eat without help
- Peanut-approved!  She did great with it!
- can be capped for travel or fridge storage
- cup design fits in cup holders in strollers/car seats

Cons:  We've only been using it a few days, but here are a few issues I can foresee)
- a lot of pieces, can be intimidating and have to worry about losing parts
- pricier than pouch type feeders (but will probably hold up better)
- not available in stores in the US yet

So far, this one's a winner, friends!  Give it a shot, you won't be sorry.

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