Saturday, May 31, 2014

Peanut Post: How to paint when you don't have paints

While helping Mama make thank you cards to take to our nurses and doctors, Peanut decided she wanted to paint instead of use markers.  Since we didn't have any paint, this consisted of brushing over the marker lines with a dry paintbrush, which wasn't too exciting.   

But then I had the idea to add water.  Since the markers were washable, I knew they'd run and still be able to wipe off of Annalyn and the table.  This was instantly a huge hit and a big help while Daddy was mowing the lawn.  

Basically, I'd take makers and make a pattern of some sort on card stock, then let her dip her brush in water to make the colors run - as close to painting as we were going to get.  But Peanut loved it!  Craft time success!!

Peanut's masterpieces 

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