Monday, May 19, 2014

Peanut Post: Last update as an only child

Dear Little Peanut,

As Emelina's due date approaches, I figured I should take some time to write an update post for you.  You continue to grow/develop/change at a crazy rate these days.  I don't have too many actual stats to post, but here's what's going on at 27 months (just before becoming a big sister!).

Teeth:  Unlike the rest of your teeth, your 2 year old molars seem to be coming roughly on time.  The bottom two came in around 25-26 months and you're working on finishing up the top two now.

Eating habits:  Depends on the day, but you definitely don't seem to eat at much as you used to.  You're not picky about what, just how much you eat lately. 
-Favorites:  CHEESE, mac 'n cheese (you like to order this for yourself when we go out to eat), anything with mustard, olives, marinated garlic cloves (crazy, right?  You ate 4 the other night with Daddy), strawberry yogurt, cantaloupe/watermelon, pistachios, Goldfish crackers, chewy granola bars, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with milk, ice cream/whipped cream, M&Ms ("M's"), hummus, lemons, cucumbers, steak, bacon. 
-Dislikes:  any kind of italian/vinegar dressing, mayo/miracle whip, celery strings (though ants on a log were a hit)

Sleeping:  Typically, sleeping about 11 hours a night (9:30pm - 8:30am) and usually a 1.5-2 hour nap around 3pm, but this week you've been boycotting nap.  We're hoping it's just because your molars are coming in (you did the same thing when the bottom ones poked through).

Thoughts on being a big sister: 
-Upon realizing there are now baby clothes in one side of your dresser and closet, etc.:  "No, that's ANNA'S ROOM!!!"  Where should baby Emelina sleep?  <points down> "She can sleep on the floor!"  No, no baby's can't sleep on the floor.  Where should we let her sleep?  "In Gussy's room." (our den where Gus's bed is).
-"She's a teeny, tiny baby!  She's sleeping in Mommy's tummy."
-"I'm going to knock so she comes out"  (a definite improvement from the last time you tried to say this... "I'm gonna knock her out!")
-A sweet story Daddy relayed:  While watching Bubble Guppies, Daddy said:  Look at those babies, do you like babies?  Anna: Yeah, I'm going to have a baby sister!  Daddy:  Do you love her?  Anna:  Yeahhh... (cute little sigh as she smiles and gets happy/excited).  I like to cling to this little bit of hope :)

Favorite toys/games:  Definitely your new swing set!  You will seriously swing for 3-4 hours a day if we let you.  It's adorable because you squeal and tell us how happy it makes you, but also very tiring after awhile.  Daddy's been taking you on bike rides when the weather is nice and you keep asking for a red tricycle of your own.  Other outside toys you love are chalk, baseball, and basketball hoop.  Your stuffed puppies are always a favorite, as well as your baby dolls.  You really enjoy playing dress up and like to be chased by Daddy pretending to be a bear or hyena.  Craft time is a newer addition to your daily routine, but you always look forward to it.  We've made all kinds of fun things, from toilet paper roll flamingoes to a card stock mailbox to homemade greeting cards for friends/relatives.

Favorite books/shows:  Charlie the Ranch Dog - this is our new special bedtime book and you think it's really cool that it's on my phone/Kindle.  Ladybug Girl series continues to be a favorite, as well as some of the poems from Where the Sidewalk Ends (Ickleme, Pickleme, Tickleme especially).  You've started liking to watch Strawberry Shortcake with me on Netflix, and of course, Bubble Guppies and Sophia the First are still your favorites.

Some funny things you say:  In general, your vocabulary is amazing.  You're past the repeat stage and can think/form sentences and whole conversations on your own.  You have definitely hit the question stage, though, and ask them constantly.  Your favorite one lately is "what's her/his name?"
-"Oooohh, that's cooool!" (in a very sarcastic tone)
-"Perf-tect" (talking about yourself, Gus, a situation, etc.)
-Daddy:  Annalyn, what do genes code for?  "Genes code for proteins!" D: And what's the shape of DNA?  "A double helix!"  (Daddy had to prove that he could actually teach that to someone since his students couldn't seem to get it one day.)
-while singing alphabet:  "...T U V, double the X, Y and Z!"
-"I'm a sweet little girl"
-"Thank you, Mom!" (You've become a very polite little girl.  It's so cute to hear you say it, though)
-"Put your hand on the wheel, Daddy!"  (a backseat driver already... can't imagine where you learned that one)
-"I have on my new pajamas!  They're comfortable."
-"Nooooo bean choppppps!"  (we have no idea where this came from, but you drag it out and say it very emphatically.  I think maybe you're protesting vegetarian fake meat.)
-"Gussy's gonna help me catch a bird.  He's gonna eat it with Anna."
-"No, Gussy, that's ANNA'S sunshine!!" (he was laying in "your" sun on the carpet)

Let's see, what else... Well, you climb everything and swing on anything, including your bed and the top of the fort on the swing set.  You definitely challenge me every day and have a mind of your own with very strong opinions. You're very possessive of your toys, room, clothes, Mommy/Daddy, Grandma, etc. but I think that's just you catching on to what's going on in Mama's tummy.  We often look at you and are just amazed at how grown up you look/act/seem all of a sudden - such a little kid, even though we still call you our baby once in a while.  We admittedly wonder how we can possibly fit even more love in our hearts for your little sister because we are so enamored with you.  Pretty sure it won't be a problem - I hear it's kind of like the Grinch and our hearts will just grow three sizes that day to accomodate all the extra love.  Nonetheless, we are soaking up every last second of just the three of us before our family changes forever.  I know you're not too keen on change of any sort, but I promise some of the biggest/scariest changes in life bring about the best and most rewarding times.  Emelina will be no exception.  Will you resent her, fight with her, and be jealous at times?  Absolutely.  But trust me, Peanut, there's nothing better than a sister. 

I love this crazy/sassy/silly/brilliant/strong little person you've become.  We are looking so forward to spending the summer together as a family of four.  I'm sure there's lots of laughs, snuggles, and joy ahead for all of us.  Love you lots, my Annalyn.



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