Thursday, August 4, 2016

Family Photos by Elizabeth Burns Photography

If you haven't read my post on our 10th anniversary pictures, check those out first.  Go ahead, I'll give you a minute...

Ok, so now you know what an amazing photographer Elizabeth is, and I can go on to bragging about what a great friend/relative she is.  Not only did she drive all the way here and back, around sunset, to take our anniversary pics, but she also stayed and took a few in regular clothes at our house.  Mind you, it was about 120 degrees with 300% humidity.  And it was her idea! 

You can really tell that the girls enjoyed these photos, especially when she asked them to bring some of their special toys along.
Emma chose Cinderella and her blankies
Anna chose bulldog and Lizzie
Lizzie even got a bow for the special occasion

 Can't you just feel the sisterly love?

These were super laid back, lifestyle photographs, with bare feet, special toys, matching dresses, and a cornfield backdrop.  AKA - a true snapshot of our daily life.  Which is why I love them so so much!

these are the best spinning dresses EVER!!!

The silly ones are some of my favorites because this is how we spend the non-arguing/fit-throwing time at home ;)

Annalyn says this one is "the awesomest"

my baby
milestone:  Annalyn learned to swing/pump all by herself this summer!

no, you're not quite as tall as the corn...

but Cinderella is close.
We also ended up with some fun pictures of the whole crew.  They are so "us," cornfields and all.  Love having these special pictures at what we intend to be our forever home.

 And that's a wrap!  Sealed with a kiss at sunset.

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