Saturday, October 25, 2014

About Aboo: Squishy's 5 months old!

My little Emma, I swear you've doubled in size in the past week!  All of a sudden, you're heavy to carry and there's major chub showing up on your little legs and cheeks.  I just love chubby baby stage. You're a major chatterbox and even talk (squeal) in your sleep sometimes. Your smile makes us melt. It is honestly the sweetest thing ever. Especially when you shake with excitement along with it. Here's a few little updates from the past month:

Clothing size:  3-6 months clothes still, but up a size in diapers to size 3's! (more for volume and height than size around... we were getting tired of multiple blow-outs every day.  Of course we finally made this call right after ordering a box of size 2's... so looks like you just bought your cousin Samson his first gift!)

Teeth:  Still none, but chomping/drooling like crazy.  Some nights they really seem to be bothering you lately, but none have popped through yet.

Food:  The breastfeeding continues! It's funny how I always assumed we'd be done or at least on the outs by now, but it seems to be working for us (see thigh rolls above), so until further notice, we're keeping it up. Thanks to those of you who have supported/encouraged us over the past months.  Just this week, we started introducing you to baby food!  So far you've only tasted bananas and baby rice cereal.  Although you're super interested/intrigued by our food, it's taken you awhile to get the hang of eating. It's definitely a work in progress, and as of now, you're only eating about a teaspoon or two at a time, but we wanted to start introducing you to foods so that you'd have a variety to try by the time you actually get good at eating it! I forgot how much I LOVE making baby food.  And just look how cute you look in the high chair!

Sleep:  Well, still a point of contention around here, but you will at least sleep in your swing now (usually even without actually swinging).  You take at least two regular morning/afternoon naps in the swing and I finally feel like we're establishing more of a schedule.  However, you will not sleep in your crib.  We've tried the cry-it-out method for an entire week and every time (whether for nap/bed), after an hour or so of going in and reassuring you every 10-15 min, I have to give in.  You cry hysterically, shake with anxiety, and make yourself sick with worry.  I've tried laying you down asleep and you wake back up immediately, frantically reaching for me. We have a bedtime routine, we've tried mobiles, sound machines, you name it.  We even moved the crib into our room so you'd be close to me.  But no luck.

Milestones:  chatting like crazy!  Daddy calls you his little teradactyl baby because of the high pitched squeals/squacks. Annalyn is always asking "what's she saying?" so we have fun making up what we think is going through that pretty little head of yours.  Also, starting to sit up almost on your own.  If I put a pillow around you or sit you down between my legs, you can balance pretty well... for awhile.  Mama had to cut your bangs yet again because they were in your eyes... not eye brows, eyes.  You also have a pretty sweet rat tail going on in the back. You give wonderful open-mouthed, slobbery kisses, and still try to eat my face from time to time.

Favorite toys/activities:  Sophie the giraffe, Stripes the bunny, Lambie, this raspberry teether, frozen teething ring keys, Pooh jumper (the tigger part is your favorite), your toes (you won't take a pacifier or your thumb, but you suck on your big toe). Not really a toy, but you LOVE watching football. We can lay you on a blanket on the floor and you will sit there and watch football and play with your feet. You also enjoy playing with your sister.  She's been a lot better with you lately and will bring you toys and sing you songs to make you smile. I adore your smiles - they are so sweet and your whole body sort of shakes with excitement. We took you and Anna to the Indy Zoo Boo and you laughed/squealed the whole time.  We realized that it was the first time you'd really been to the zoo and actually seen/interacted with the animals since this summer you were almost always in a pouch or sleeping in a stroller. You made a pretty adorable snowman to Annalyn's Elsa, too!

Dislikes:  Stranger danger has set in - as in major separation anxiety/screaming for anyone besides Mama, Daddy, and Diana (your nanny).  Last week, your Grandmas both watched you and you did fine for them, but cried when they first got here. I feel awful for all our friends/family that try to talk to you/hold you and you take one look and start screaming. Big ole mama's baby! For the record, also not a fan of being put in a pumpkin. Annalyn at 8 months - loved it.  Emma at 4.5 months - hated it.  Needless to say, it didn't last more than a minute.

Cinderella & her pumpkin

Where's a fairy godmother when you need one?!

Don't worry, Squishers, we didn't leave you in the pumpkin for long.  And Anna sang "Soft Kitty" to you the whole time, so I think you were being just a bit dramatic... Anyway, that's a pretty good summary of your life at 5 months old. It's been a crazy month, but a super fast one, too.  I think that's why it feels like you're growing/changing to quickly now. Love you like crazy, little baby.



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  1. Love all of the pictures!! Their Halloween costumes are adorable :).

    Bedtimes were a struggle for us too. She would only go to sleep if we walked/rocked her to sleep until almost a year. I'm so happy we got that extra time, but boy is it exhausting. I'm hoping she starts a routine that works for everyone else soon!