Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Birthday Milk and Big Girl Haircut

I'm sure by now you've all seen my ridiculous birthday milk tradition of buying milk with a sell by date of our birthdays/anniversaries/closing day/etc.  It's a beloved (aka tolerated) tradition in our house and everyone plays along with me quite nicely.  But I was sure not ready for this one:  Emma's first birthday milk.  REALLY?  My baby has birthday milk???  ALREADY?  <sigh>

Now as you can see, they didn't have any regular milk with her birthday - it skipped from May 20, 21 to 27.  So, Emma got her first taste of chocolate milk (or diluted chocolate milk).  Obviously, she didn't mind. 

Except when I had to pry it from her death grip to actually open and pour her some.  That was a fight, but once she realized what was in the cup, she was all for it.
After looking at these pictures of my scruffy little baby, I finally, FINALLY, gave in and decided to trim her hair.  She had a rat tail that was a bout 4-5 inches long, and a little halo of long fine baby hair that grew from about halfway up her head.  So I told myself, I'll just trim it, even it up, and get rid of the horrible split ends. 

Funny thing about one year olds... they rarely hold still.  She wiggled, and flinched, and I ended up cutting a little more than I'd hoped to.  I was able to even it up pretty well and it got rid of all the ratty ends, but I was a little heartbroken.  It made her look older and took away one of the things that made her really special - she was born with a ton of long hair.  She still has a lot of hair and its even longer than Anna's was at her age, but still, she looked different to me.  My next day off, I put it up in pigtails to go grocery shopping and she instantly looked more like herself.  We also found a gallon of birthday milk, so all was right with the world.  Except that my baby is old enough to have birthday milk.  That's still not right in my head...

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