Friday, May 15, 2015

Emma's Cake Smash Photos

I know it's not even her birthday yet, but I just had to share these adorable smash cake pics!  I like to do their smash cake/1 year old photos in advance so I'm not trying to do them while hosting a party, competing with multiple cameras, and comforting a shy baby with tons of people watching her.  Plus, I really had it in my head that I wanted to take them in our field behind the house and had to do it before the farmer tilled it up and planted beans. 

We started with a few pics of just her in the highchair I painted, without the cake.  This was her initial reaction to strapped into a highchair in the middle of a cornfield on a beautiful day...

But, with a little motivation (had Daddy bring the cake into view) and a direction change (sun was in her eyes), I was able to capture a couple money shots like this...


Then, we gave her the cake...

And this girl didn't mess around!  She started with the sprinkles and systematically destroyed it from there.  But no in the typical, squish it between her hands then throw it around way.  No, no, Emma didn't waste this opportunity.  SHE ATE IT.  Two handfuls at a time.

Here's a zoomed out one so you can see how silly she looked sitting in the middle of a field eating a cake...

She took the candle out, tasted it, and when she realized it wasn't edible, decided to just put it back in.  She tried for quite awhile to get it back in the exact spot it came from. 

A few close up shots... I love sprinkle covered baby fingers.  And her lashes are to die for...

The sky was so pretty that day.  Another reason I took them early - can't control the weather.

After awhile she got generous and decided to share.

Then she went back at it...

Seriously, have you ever seen a one year old go at her cake like that?!  Usually, the parents have to help and show them that there's more than icing.  Not Miss Emma!

The color was so pretty that day, but I couldn't resist a couple black and white edits, too.  Especially her toes.  Black and white baby toes are the best.

Happy early birthday, Emelina!  Hope you enjoyed your first cake.  Get ready for round 2 next weekend!


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