Thursday, May 21, 2015

Emelina's One Year Old Update!

Happy, happy birthday, little Emma!  I don't know how my squishy-faced baby became this wild-eyed, crazy toddler so quickly.  It's been a hectic, sleepless, whirlwind of a year, but I'm so glad you were here for it.  I don't even know where to start in terms of updates, because you're learning faster than I can type these days.


Weight: 21.8 lbs (on our scale at least - you really like pushing the button, climbing on and sitting/standing until it beeps)
Height:  yea, like you'll really stand still enough to let us measure that...
(better stats to come after your appointment next week)
Teeth:  just cut your 4th tooth (top front right)

Sizes:  Still fit in most of your 9 month clothes, but wearing a lot of 12 month, too.  Size 3-3.5 shoes.  Recently upgraded to size 4 diapers (for volume, not size).  Also switched to the Graco MyRide 65 car seat (still rear-facing) because you're too heavy for me to carry in the pumpkin seat.

Sleep:  9-11 hours at night, plus a 2-3 hour nap!  This statement makes me soooo happy!  Never thought I'd see the day this showed up on your update post. 

Words:  Mama, Dada, An-na, Mmm-ma (Emma), pat-pat-pat, duck, bath, ba-ba, ball, baby, down, bubble, puff, and lots of others that you will say randomly but not consistently (you are quite the parrot these days, but won't say much on demand).  You rarely use signs despite my efforts, but every now and then you will sign "milk" when you want your cup.

Accomplishments:  Running (unless it's super windy), climbing stairs/chairs/tables/decks/couches/slides/anything you can reach, throwing a ball, blowing out (this should be handy for your birthday candle!), brushing hair (not just your own), clapping (hands and feet), singing (obviously not with real words, but it's super cute to listen to you try), bringing us your shoes when it's time to go outside, doing a "tumble" (which is your hilariously awful version of a somersault).

(Blowing your bangs up)
big tough Squishy

Foods:  You are down to only one bottle at bedtime (I just switched from nursing you at bedtime about a month ago, so we haven't cut that out yet.  I figure one change at a time.).  You do very well with a sippy cup, or your Sucup smoothie cup.  You eat three meals and a couple snacks a day.  A typical day looks like this:  breakfast - Cheerios and a banana +/- smoothie; lunch - leftovers or some form of quesadilla (meat, cheese, veggies between tortillas) and chopped up fruit/veggies; dinner - whatever we're eating, you're not picky!  Your favorite foods are puffs, cereal, bananas, blueberries, cheese, ground meats (or really any meat cut up small), pasta (esp. spaghetti and lasagna), peas, and crackers (graham, Ritz, Goldfish).

Likes:  Swinging, anything outside, rocks, picking flowers/tomatoes/dandelions/leaves (you've accosted our garden several times already), bubbles, taking a bath, going upstairs (especially when someone leaves the gate open and you think you're getting away with something), books (though you rarely will sit through an entire one), anything your sister does/says, drinking out of glasses/water bottles, medicine droppers (probably your favorite toy in the world), blowing raspberries on Mama, putting on your shoes (because you know it means you get to go outside), writing/scribbling with pens/markers, ducks, music (you sing, beat things like a drum, and try to play Anna's toy guitar), making noises with your tongue, eating cake!

Dislikes:  being confined, having your hands/face wiped after eating (you are hands down the messiest eater EVER), getting things taken away (esp. if you shouldn't have them), strangers/crowds/anyone but your family touching/looking at/getting too close to you, being changed at night (because you know it's bedtime, but you don't actually fight going to sleep), being told you can't do something.

I just love seeing more of your little (big) personality every day.  Your dad and I can already see such strong characteristics in you and love to predict what you'll be like as you get older.  Personality-wise, your dad swears you are just like me.  Obsessive, type A, demanding, persistent... I guess I'll take those, but the crazy climber comes from him.

Everyone thinks you look just like me, and while you probably favor me, your cranky face looks a lot like your Uncle Josh.  I've always thought he looks a lot like your Great Grandma Eddie, so maybe you'll be a mix of her and me.  Some people say you look just like Annalyn, but we don't really think that either.  There's definite similarities, especially in your expressions, but none of your individual features are really the same.  Either way, you are a beautiful little mix.  Just for fun, here's all of our one year old pictures to compare:

Daddy 1 year

Mama 1 year

Annalyn 1 year

Emelina 1 year

We are so thankful for you.  You make our family even more fun and full.  There is nothing we like to do better than lay on the floor "like a pile of puppies" and snuggle.  You have slowed us down in the best possible way.  We take more time to just enjoy our family, our new home, and our time together.  We eat out far less because it's harder to take two kids, but really enjoy when you and Anna push chairs up to the island to help us cook.  Life with two is a lot different, yes.  But now that you're here, it's impossible to imagine a time before you.  I love you like crazy, Squishers.  Happy birthday, baby.



*May 2014*

*May 2015*

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