Monday, June 22, 2015

Cooking with Grandpa: Whole Wheat Pancakes

Since I didn't work until 11am on Father's Day, Annalyn and I decided to make pancakes for breakfast.  I figured it was only fitting that we use one of Grandpa Eddie's recipes and since Michael doesn't share my affinity for buckwheat, we opted for the whole wheat pancakes instead.  They were a perfect mix of fluffy, dense, filling, and delicious!  Here's how Mama and her Peanut make them:

Whole Wheat Pancakes

Ingredients: (makes 12-15 pancakes)
- 1 c. whole wheat flour
- 1 c. flour
- 2 T. sugar
- 1 T. baking powder
- 1 t. salt
- 1/2 t. baking soda
- 2 c. milk
- 1/4 c. oil
- 2 eggs

1. Combine first 6 ingredients.

2.  Add remaining ingredients; beat (or stir) until just large lumps disappear.

3.  Drop by spoonfuls into a greased skillet heated to medium-high heat. 

4.  Flip when bubbles start to form, pancakes should be a golden brown.

So they weren't perfectly round...
I'm a rushed, workin' mama in need of a griddle! :)

printable recipe

I made a few silver dollar pancakes for the girls. They always like the little handheld sized pancakes.

5.  Enjoy with family!

Daddy prefers the big ones...

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