Monday, June 1, 2015

Emelina's First Year Monthly Photos

Here it is - the culmination of our monthly size comparison photo shoots.  I can't believe how much that puppy shrunk in a year!  I love looking at how much she's changed and stayed the same over these past 12 months. It brings up a lot of emotions, memories, and a whole lot of mama pride.  Take a look...
I miss her dark hair.

I love her chubby, squishy cheeks.

Her crazy hair stage makes me laugh.

I'm so glad we were too tired to take her our of her pj's for this photo...

...or even put pj's on her for this one.

I forgot about those shoes!

I can't get over her big eyes.

Or her huge smile.

She loved her feet so much that she rarely kept socks on, even in winter.

This was the last pic in our old house.  I miss our old house.

But I love our new house.  Especially her blue walls.
And the fact that she sleeps through the night in her own room.

I'm blown away at how grown up she looks and acts lately.
Between her haircut and her wildly determined personality, 
she's looking less and less like a baby every day.
Which I love
and I hate,
and I love.

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