Saturday, June 13, 2015

Homemade Washable Finger Paint

I was looking for a creative, messy activity to do with the girls this morning and came across this homemade finger paint recipe. I've used a few different recipes in the past, but this one was appealing because it didn't even have to be cooked! Simple, washable ingredients (assuming you don't use too much food coloring and wash it pretty soon afterward) and quick to make! Here's how Mama makes it: 

Homemade washable finger paints


- 1 c. Flour
- 1 c. Water
- 1 c. Dish soap
- food coloring


1. Mix together first three ingredients until smooth.

2. Transfer to small containers or muffin tin and add food coloring. 

3. PAINT!!!

A hose nearby is handy, too ;)

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