Thursday, August 23, 2012

Peanut Post: Pumpkin for my Punky

When it comes to naming children, parents are often concerned with the types of nicknames the name might inspire.  Some parents fight it, constantly correcting people every time they shorten or mispronouce their child's name, while others embrace or even encourage the practice.  I can honestly say it was something we considered when naming Annalyn.  Having a compound name, we figured it would be shortened to Anna or pronounced Anna Lyn (when in fact it's all one word, similar to Madelyn), and we were fine with that.  I even gave her cool initials (ACE), hoping that if she becomes an athlete someday, it might catch on as a nickname (compared to the wonderful nickname my college softball team gave me... Ash-hole.  It's all good, though, it was all in love... I think...). 

my college softball team
spring break 2005

When I was pregnant and would talk to her on my way to work, I often called her my little "Anna-banana," but it just didn't seem to fit her when I finally held her in my arms.  From that very first cuddle, she was my Punky.  Where my horomone-clouded brain came up with "Punky", I'm not real sure, but I'm guessing it was my baby-talk version of "punkin" short for "pumpkin" (don't you like how my brain has two levels of baby-talk?).

Punky became my special name for her, but to the rest of the world, she was "Peanut".  This one's a little easier to explain.  My teeny little Peanut was born 3 weeks early at a whopping 6 lbs. 10 oz. and had the tiniest little features, especially next to her daddy.  So it looks like after all my careful planning to set her up with good nicknames, she's a Peanut.  That's life for ya!  But for the record, Peanut, Mama tried.  Please remember that when you're, say, 16 and still being called Peanut by those who love you most.

Even now, when she's really sleepy or snuggly or just being extra sweet, I find myself calling her my Punky.  Or when I feed her pumpkin, for obvious reasons.  We recently introduced pumpkin into her diet and I've been having lots of fun coming up with new combinations for her to try.  (I used canned pumpkin since they are not yet in season around here.  Just be sure to get plain pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling.)  Here are some of our favorites so far:
sweet sleepy Punky

Baked Cinnamon Applesauce with Pumpkin

Annalyn & I both like this one,
it tastes like pie!
(serve warm)
-1/2 c. baked cinnamon applesauce puree (see recipe here)
-2 T. canned pumpkin or pumpkin puree


Yogurt with Pumpkin & Banana

-1/2 banana, mashed
-2 T. canned pumpkin
-1/4 c. whole milk yogurt
-pinch cinnamon, optional

(serve chilled, I sprinkled some cinnamon on top)

Pumpkin, Carrot, & Zucchini with Rice


-1 (1 oz.) cube carrot puree
-2 (1 oz.) cubes zucchini puree
-1 T. pumpkin
-baby rice cereal and formula/breastmilk, as needed to adjust thickness


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