Friday, August 10, 2012

Peanut Post: Annalyn's favorite things at 6 months old

Go team USA!

First of all, I can't believe my baby is approaching her half birthday.  I still want to cry every time she outgrows another of her adorable little outfits.  Or moves up a size in diapers.  Or does something unbelievably "old" like sleeping on her side with her little foot propped up on the crib, putting in her own paci, or holding her own bottle.  And oh man, the waterworks when I dare to look back at the teeny tiny newborn Peanut pictures in my phone.

tiny baby Peanut, 4 days old

On the other hand, I am so fiercely proud of this girl.  She is at this wonderful stage where I swear she figures out something new at least once an hour (ok, maybe daily), and this mama couldn't be prouder.  When she grabs a spoon and puts it in her mouth.  When she mimics a funny sound I make.  When she gives "baby kisses."  When she squeals like a little girl.  MELTS MY HEART.  But I am rambling...  this is supposed to be Peanut's post about her favorite things at almost 6 months old.

24 week old Peanut

6 month favorites:

1.  my iPhone - she reaches for everything right now, but gets extra excited when I let her grab my phone.  I also have the PhonyPhone app that turns it into a play phone.  It's very colorful and makes fun sounds.  Do note, however, that it does not make the phone slobber-proof.  There is no app for that!

2.  books - Her favorites right now include 5 Little Ladybugs (links to the larger version, 10 Little Ladybugs), Lamaze cloth book Peek-a-Boo Forest and the ABC book I made her on Shutterfly.

Ten Little LadybugsLamaze Cloth Book

3.  singing games -"Pat-a-cake" and "I'm a little teapot" really make her giggle and squeal.

4.  teething toys - Mommy & Daddy's fingers are her first choice, but she will also attack (as Daddy puts it, "zombie style") Sophie the Giraffethis teething necklace, the Razbaby RaZberry teether, and anything else she can sink her gums into!  She is trying so hard to cut teeth right now.
Sophie the Giraffe Teether and RazBerry Teether (Clear Pink) with Reusable Dainty Baby Bag Bundle
5.  puppies - Annalyn and our dog, Gus, have become good buddies.  They take naps together, snuggle Mama and Daddy together, she grabs his ears, he licks bananas off her toes... they are quite the team.  She has definitely taken notice of dogs, but not just our dogs.  The other day she even made friends with Winnie the bulldog at our friend's house.

my sleepy babies

6.  green - as I mentioned in my last baby food post, Annalyn loves the color green.  Her green Grinch toy, her green spoon, the green in the trees (she loves going outside!), the green in  her eyes (ok, so maybe that's one of my favorites)

7.  music - These are a few of her favorites:  "Bye, baby Bunting" (a bedtime lullaby my mom used to sing to me, you can read about it here); "Tailgate blues" (Luke Bryan, another bedtime favorite of ours), "Somethin' bout a truck" (Kip Moore, this one's her all-time favorite so far).

8.  getting groceries - Annalyn loves the grocery store for a number of reasons.  She gets to come see Mama at work (or Tammy & Jennifer if I'm off that day) and all my coworkers tell her how cute/funny/sweet/happy she is.  She gets to be worn in a baby carrier and kick like crazy.  She gets to reach for everything as I put it in the cart.  It often becomes a big game of peek-a-boo.  I like to tell her about all the food and what we are going to make with it, especially the fruits and veggies I buy for her purees. 

9. Pooh bouncy activity jumper - This jumper has been one of her favorites since she was about two and half months old.  When we first got it out for her, she was still too small to reach the floor, so we put a glass Pyrex pan underneath her seat (we also tried pillows, books, etc. but this seemed to work best).  Often times, she will even bounce her self to sleep.

10.  food - This little lady loves just about everything I give her at this point, but especially her bananas and sweet potatoes. She makes these hilarious little monkey noises as she eats them, like she just can't get them in her belly fast enough.   Here is one of Peanut's current favorite breakfast recipes: 

Tutti Frutti Oatmeal

-1 cube peach puree
-1 cube pear puree
-1/2 banana, mashed
-baby oatmeal
-water/formula/breastmilk to adjust consistency
-pinch of cinnamon (for older babies)


1.  Defrost frozen peach and pear cubes in microwave (or overnight in the fridge). 

2.  Mash half of a banana with a fork until smooth.  Add to peach and pear mixture.

3.  Add desired amount of baby oatmeal (we usually use 2-3 T.) and formula to achieve desired consistency.

tutti frutti goodness!

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