Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our weekend getaway to Put-In-Bay, OH

This past weekend we got to take a trip up to Put-In-Bay, OH with some of our friends.  It was a much needed getaway and Annalyn's first little vacation. 
our first stop was Toledo where
Grandpa Eddie made us breakfast - so delicious!
on the ferry, almost there!

once on the island, we headed to Perry's Monument
where Derek taught us about "dork columns"
it was a little chilly!

but the view was beautiful

luckily that storm was north of us... in Canada

 Doug really enjoyed watching it rain on Canada

out to lunch - watching the OSU game

wine-tasting at Heineman's winery
they've been making wine since 1888
my favorite - the sweet belle, a mix of concord & catawba grapes

morning snuggles with Daddy

this girl loves her accessories

waiting for the ferry

what a fun group!
heading home after an awesome weekend

celebrating their 2 yr anniversary

& their 2 month anniversary
& the fact that these guys no longer live in Texas

what a pretty day

on our way home we drove through Port Clinton
and found the house Michael's family
lived in when he was born

Peanut's car toys
+ a couple


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