Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peanut Post: Finger Food Fun

We recently decided to let Annalyn try to start feeding herself, as a very early precursor to finger foods.  Plus I'm hoping that learning to chew might stimulate these stubbord little teeth of hers to finally pop through.  Her doctor told us at her 4 month appointment that she would likely be getting teeth soon with all the drooling and swollen gums going on... wrong!  Over 2 months later, (despite lots of chewing/screaming/trying), still no chompers!   So I decided to let her try these little puffy stars that essentially dissolve in her mouth anyway.  Watching my persistent little Peanut learn to eat them was quite entertaining, so I thought I'd share.

hmm... these are new toys

kinda hard to pick up with these chubby fingers of mine
how do I get this to my mouth?
not impressed.
let's try the other hand....
wait, I can almost taste something...
or is that just my fingers?
no, no I think I got something!
but then again, maybe not
this is such a silly game, Mama!
let's go back to patty-cake!

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