Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby Date: Bring Your Baby Matinees

Cabin fever setting in yet?  Here's a fun and unique opportunity for all you parents of young babies.  Select AMC theatres have a special program called Bring Your Baby Matinees the first Tuesday of every month.  Each month, they choose a popular movie for a baby-friendly noon matinee.  The lights are dimmed but not completely dark, the sound is slightly quieter, and the whole atmosphere is baby-friendly.  (Strollers, car seats, and breastfeeding are all welcomed and guaranteed to be everywhere!)

Bring Your Baby Matinees
We took Annalyn to a couple this summer when Michael was on break and really enjoyed it.  When else can you take a newborn to a movie theater and not have to worry about every little peep she makes?  That being said, I think it might be more of a challenge to take her now that she's mobile.  Getting her stay relatively quiet and sit still would probably be more work than it's worth - it would have to be a team effort.  But I think it's a great program and a really nice outing for mom and baby during maternity leave.  If you intend to take older kids, be sure to check to see what's playing since they are not always kid-friendly.

Warm Bodies Poster
Rated PG-13
running time 1hr 37min
This coming Tuesday they are playing "Warm Bodies" - a perfect Valentine's baby date! 

To find a participating AMC theatre in your area (Trader's Point in Indianapolis has it!) or to read more about it, click here.

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