Saturday, February 16, 2013

Today We Celebrate...

Today we celebrate my grandfather and the amazing life he lived.  I could go on about what a devoted husband, loving father and grandfather he was, but Grandpa was a man of few words.  He often joked about how Grandma could take a sentence and make it a long-winded story... he also noted on several occasions that I inherited that gift? curse? trait from her.  Hence this blog.  So, Grandpa, rather than go on and on with every single detail, I'll keep it short and sweet (just like you'd like it) and commemorate your life through pictures.

Robert E. Banghart 2/7/33 - 2/11/13

born 2/7/33
has always loved his puppies,
and restored old guns.
this last picture will always represent Grandpa to me

my favorite picture
my grandparents before they were married

married his sweetheart, Verdelle Jensen
took lots of motorcycle trips together
25 years of marriage
celebrated 50 years of marriage

raised 4 beautiful babies
enjoyed 13 wonderful grandkids

and loved his 5 adorable great-grandbabies
As we mourn your loss, let us also honor your life and your legacy.
Today we celebrate you.
Love you, Grandpa


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