Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Peanut Post: 18 Month Update

Once again time has gotten away from us and it's almost your half birthday!  Looking back at my last update (which was 3 months ago!), I can't believe how much you've grown up this summer.  You are more and more a little kid and less of a baby (though I still call you my baby).  You have become fearless, strong, and very coordinated - a dangerous combination! 

Lately, you're obsessed with conquering climbing.  Not just stairs, either.  Oh, no, this little Peanut wants to climb chairs, tables, ottomans, benches, you name it.  Also, you're strong enough to move chairs, carry stools, and pretty much manipulate your environment enough to get into anything.  YIKES.

this looks so much like your Aunt Emmy!

Current Stats:
weight: 24 lbs. 5 oz.
height: 32" (as best as I can measure, which is quite hard these days!)
clothing size: 18-24 mos, size 4 diapers
shoe size: 4.5, can wear some 5's, but still kind of big (like your boots)
teeth:  All but 4 canines and one bottom front tooth (although, I think one or two of your canines on top are cutting through)

Verbally, you have become an absolute chatter box.  I can't even begin to make an updated list of words you know because you are constantly surprising us with new ones.  You basically repeat everything we say, in addition to your own little baby talk conversations.  Some of your favorites right now are:

- Sofia (Fi-fia) - you have become completely enamored with Sofia the First on Disney Junior.  We only watch it every other day or so, but you ask for it all the time "Fi-fia, on?".  Daddy even bought you a Sofia t-shirt, complete with glitter.  Guess he's a little enamored, too.

- cracker, cookiegranola, pie - you continue to be a good eater, but your most requested foods are crackers (goldfish), cookies (animal crackers), and granola ("nola").  Daddy also taught you about pie this summer, so you point to the fridge and request it sometimes.

- olive (ol-la) - scratch that, your most requested food may actually be olives - green, black, kalamata, makes no difference.  Like your mama, you're obsessed with them.

- Grandma (ga-ma) - finally, you started saying Grandma!  And now you don't stop.  Any time Daddy or I are on the phone, you say "Ga-ma, talk? Ga-ma?" until we let you say hi to your Grandmas.

- awesome & cool - confident as ever, you like to tell us you're an "awesome baby" and appropriately use "cool!" as a synonym for awesome.  Sign of your generation, I suppose.  Or maybe your parents' generation.  Either way, it's darn cute.

- No - I know most parents dread the day that their toddler starts saying "no" all the time, but you make it so adorable.  I know I will undoubtedly eat those words, but for now, all your no's with their different inflections are cute.  Sure, it gets frustrating hearing no all the time, but you're learning how/when to use it.

- careful - this one must have some ironic meaning to you, because lately "caaaareful" means free rein to do anything as long as you utter the word while doing it.

- friends - namely, the neighbor kids.  I love how you get so excited to see and play with them.  You're really starting to tag along and engage in play with the other kids.  Adorable? Yes.

- names - you are getting better at remembering and saying names, including:  Chloe (cousin), Travis/Mally (Uncle/Aunt), Tammy/Jenny (at Mama's work), Emmy (Aunt, you've actually been saying that for awhile)

- clothes, shoppingboots - a typical little girl, you're in love with clothes.  You ask for pants, shirt, hat, shoes, sock, and bows to be on/off.  It's so sweet seeing you go through your closet looking for the perfect outfit each morning.  Lately, you get super excited to go shopping, too.  "Shopping! Okaaay!"  And I taught you about boots - Annalyn, you're welcome; Daddy, I'm sorry.

- French fry - Daddy can't decide whether to be embarrassed by this or not, but Mama & Emmy are proud.  Last weekend we went through McDonalds for a quick lunch and before we were out of the parking lot you were asking for French fries.  The craziest thing about you lately is that you remember everything we tell you.  I promise we do not each French fries daily or even weekly, but somewhere along the way, you've picked it up.

- nite-nite - Not only will you put your finger to your lips and shush us when something is "sleeping" but you like to lay down and tell us you're going "nite-nite."  Some of the more interesting places you've done this include a sewer drain cover, the floor of the grocery store, and the kitchen table.  Yep, parents of the year.

Daddy snapped this picture - such a sweet baby
- flower - this little lady always takes time to smell the roses, and the dandelions, and pretty much any plant, flower or not.  But it's super cute to see you point to it and say "flower" then scrunch up your nose and smell it.

Sign language continues to be a part of our everyday communication and you've started signing even more.  Some of your new signs are book, drink, potty, and again.  Wow, for not making a list, I sure ended up with a long one!  Don't worry, Peanut, you'll get used to Mama's long-winded stories. 

Favorite toys:  by far your favorite lately is your stuffed bulldog.  We've even let you start sleeping with it, and you usually end up using it as a pillow.  You love balls, especially when you can kick them, and your new wagon Grandma got for you.  We also found a little kid-sized bench at Kroger and Papa put it up in the living room, where it still is today.  You love to climb and hop all over it.  Baby continues to be a favorite and you drag her around everywhere, giving kisses, pat-pats, and shushing us when she's sleeping.

you really, really love bulldogs! 
last day before Daddy started back to school 

Favorite songs:  Rock-a-bye baby, Bicycle built for two, Cruise by Florida Georgia Line (b/c it says baby a lot), Ice Ice Baby (you also love ice cubes, it's hilarious), Hey pretty girl by Kip Moore (Daddy sings it to you a lot)

Favorite books:  Goodnight Moon ("moon"), You Are My Sunshine ("sunshine"), any Sesame Street book ("Elmo"), Ladybug Girl and Her Mama ("mama"), One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish ("fish"), Baby Animals (a big picture book with single words), You Are My Cupcake ("cupcake")

I just love these pictures.  Over a long weekend staycation, we went for a walk around Butler's campus - just you, me, and Daddy.  It was a fun, relaxing day and it really shows in these photos.  You are such a fun-loving little girl these days.  Just like every one before it, this is absolutely my favorite stage.  We have conversations now.  You have likes, dislikes, and everything in between.  Your little sense of humor is the best - part sarcastic, part silly little girl, all Peanut.  You sing in the car.  You tell stories, some of which we understand, some we don't but pretend to anyway.  I really hope you enjoy reading these posts someday, Annalyn, because they truly are little snapshots of your life.  And life is good.

Love you baby girl,


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