Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Peanut Post: Go Away!

Somewhere I have a little book to write down all the funny things my kids say so I can share it with them later and look back and laugh at all the silly things they said/did.  I vividly remember receiving that book as a shower gift and thinking, "wow, it will be forever before I need one of these!"  WRONG.  Yesterday I realized my baby has hit yet another "milestone" if you will - the my-kid-says-hilarious-things stage. *sigh*

It's true, it's time to dig that little book out of Annalyn's bookcase because suddenly she is cracking jokes, and using inflections, and chock full of personality.  Yesterday, I was sitting next to her on the couch and she realized that there was a throw behind me. The little conversation that ensued was funny/shocking/scary all at once.

Peanut:  "Blankie? Blankie?"

Mama:  "You want the blankie?  Let mama help you..."  <pulling the blanket down, realizing I'm sitting on part of it>

Peanut: <tugging on the blanket, then shoving my shoulder>  "No, go away!"

Mama:  "Go away?  I can't snuggle with you and the blankie?"  <making a pouty face>

Peanut:  "hug" <leans into me>  "kiss?" <plants one on me>

Suddenly, all is forgiven.  Daddy gets home and I relay the story to him.  Like me, he's not real sure where/when she learned that one, but with this little lady, it only takes once.

Daddy:  "Peanut, did you tell Mama to go away?"

Peanut: "Go, Mama!  Go!"

Gee, thanks, Daddy.  That was super helpful.  It's ok, later that night he got told to "go away" when trying to pry her from the staircase banister.

pretty sure she's playing the air guitar here

Daddy:  "Come on, time to go nite-nite."
Peanut:  "Go away!  I careful!" 

Right now, careful pretty much = free pass to do anything as long as you say careful first. 

Oh my.

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