Monday, February 24, 2014

About Aboo: Another Milestone - The Dreaded Support Belt

Dear Emelina,

Well kiddo, we've reached another milestone - today I finally gave in to wearing the support belt.  On the plus side, it means you're growing bigger and I'm getting closer to meeting you.  On the other hand, it means I'm getting bigger and more and more uncomfortable.  Especially on these 13 hour work days.  Or maybe the day after the 13 hour work day where your big sister wants to be carried/snuggled/played with by running from hyenas and sitting on the floor to play.  I haven't decided which wears me out more.  Either way, I decided after my vacation last week that it was definitely time to break out the ole support belt.  And after wearing it all day, I have to say, UGH.  Sure, it helps support the belly, and yes my legs might be just a little less sore, but man does it get old!  For one, it takes me awhile to get it adjusted and to do so, it makes a super loud velcro noise.  And I swear just when I get it to a comfortable but still effective position, I have to use the bathroom.   Grrrrr.  Also, I'm pretty sure you're not a fan because you kicked in protest for about 20 minutes after I first put it on.  Or maybe that was because I dropped half of my bagel in the car this morning...

Anyway, in case you were wondering, I use this belt by Gabriella and despite all your mama's complaining today, it's a really good belt (give me a break, it's my first Monday back after a week vacation).  I usually wear it between my undershirt and sweater so it's not even noticable, especially by the time I add a white coat over that.  Silver lining?  NO COMPRESSION SOCKS YET!

Mini-vent session aside, I can't believe we're to this point already!  Just one milestone closer to the big one in June (or late May, I won't blame you for being prompt like Peanut).  Daddy tells me I look huge, or sometimes just that I am huge (quite the smooth talker your Daddy, right?).  Peanut swears I have three baby bumps and looks at me all confused when I try to convince her that just the belly is a baby.  Grandma Cindy and I started going through all of Annalyn's old clothes this week (plus a few new ones just for you!) to get them ready for your arrival (yes, I do plan ahead, please embrace it).  I spent a whole night clearing out two of Annalyn's drawers and one of the closet racks just for you.  On the one hand, I'm insanely excited for teeny tiny baby clothes, shoes, hats, and gowns, but on the other hand, I'm getting a bit overwhelmed thinking of adding bottles and bibs and burp clothes and more diapers to chaos that is our home.  But I suppose that's what makes a house a home - the chaotic beautiful messes that show it's lived in by soon-to-be four people and two dogs.  I can only imagine that you and I will have this same conversation about your home someday and the craziness that only comes with motherhood.  But my hormones can't handle thinking about my daughters being grown-ups or mothers or homeowners or even kids (though I'm starting to realize how quickly it happens as we plan to move Annalyn out of the crib and into a big girl bed - we figure the last thing she needs is more ammo against you.  Best to get her out now before you take over...).  Guess that just gives me all the more reason to savor every little moment of your teeny tiny-ness!  15 more weeks, Boo baby!!  Feel free to ease up on the nausea and the kicks to the bladder at 2:30 am (seriously, like clockwork, every night!).  But keep the wiggles, nudges, and belly rolls coming - even if Peanut did kick you back that time she felt it.  I promise I'll try hard to control her better :)

Love you like crazy little one.


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