Monday, February 10, 2014

Peanut Post: Peanut's First Playdough

Hey guys, Peanut here.  You'll never guess what Mama and I did this week - we made playdough!  It was so easy that Mama even let me help make it, so I let her help play with it afterwards.   Mama says she found the recipe on Pinterest, but apparently there are a lot to choose from.  We just went for a simple, easy to make one with no coloring or glitter or anything else crazy to make a mess (Mama and Daddy liked that part).  It was also easy to make and stays soft in the fridge.  Here's how Peanut and Mama made it:

Peanut's Playdough


- 1/2 c. salt
- 1 c. flour
- 1 T. cream of tartar
- 1 T. oil
- 1 c. boiling water


1.  Grab a bowl and a spoon (we didn't even need Mama's mixer for this one!).  Mix dry ingredients.

Sure we don't need this, Mama?

Hey, you're right, this is easy!

how's this?

2.  Add the oil and boiling water (Mama had to help with this part because it was really hot!).  Mix until smooth.

I don't know, Mama, it looks pretty sticky...


watch, it sticks to my hands

ok, ok, just keep stirring...

taking a break to work on my swing - how's my form?

3.  Knead the dough a little bit until it easily makes a ball and feels like playdough.

check it out!  I'm getting good at this!
press, and turn!

this feels better!  can I eat it?

no eating, more kneading, got it!

but it just looks so yummy...

4.  Now the fun part - PLAY!!  We used rolling pins, cookie cutters, straws, and a play knife.  And of course, fingers!  Mama really enjoyed playing with her camera, too.  Probably because I'm so cute.  (on a side note:  Mama says it's technically edible and won't hurt to eat, but it tastes YUCKY!) 

Here's some of Mama's favorite pictures of me playing: (I know there's a bunch - Mama tends to get a bit carried away!)

the play knife was definitely my favorite!

we decided to be festive with some hearts, too!

Well, done cooking for the day, Mama took pics, so I guess all we have left is the blogging part!

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