Friday, February 28, 2014

Peanut Post: You can teach a two year old to stir, but you can't keep her from snitching

So it's true, a two year old is more than capable of helping stir in the kitchen.  She can even go and get her own chair to push up to the counter.

Dishes like this pasta salad are great to let little ones help with - no heat, minimal mess, and lots of stirring.  (also lots of practice with colors and veggie recognition!)

However, no amount of lecturing, asking, or pleading will keep her from tasting every last ingredient as it's added.  

Especially if they fit on her fingers - finger foods are just begging to be eaten! 

Not that she won't go back to stirring while she chews... Especially when u give her a whisk (which she instantly confused  with the word "wisp" as in the "blue wisps" in her favorite movie, Brave.  Who knows, maybe the whisk will lead her to her fate, too!).

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