Saturday, December 22, 2012

Peanut Post: Transition to Table Foods

Lately Annalyn has decided that she's ready for finger foods.  Teeth or no teeth, this little lady is eager to feed herself!

We've been experimenting with different foods, like shredded cheese, cooked carrots, and small cooked pastas and she's been doing great.

The past few weeks, we've gotten braver and started giving her actual table food (aka whatever we're eating) cut up in to pea-sized pieces.

So far, some of her favorites include: Indian food (especially tikka masala), sloppy joes, sweet and sour turkey meatballs, spaghetti, anything involving cheese (grilled cheese, shredded cheese, etc.), mandarin oranges, graham crackers, and Christmas cookies.

mandarin oranges are like baby candy!
apparently, she only eats carrots for Mama...
Daddy didn't believe it until he saw it

Turns out that meatballs are a super easy meat for baby to eat sans teeth.  (Although, she does finally have one super close to cutting through!)

see, they're coming!

The more foods she is able to feed herself, the less she wants purees.  So they don't go to waste, I've started mixing them with pasta, spreading them on bread/crackers, using them as sauces, etc.

Don't forget to give baby something to drink during meals.  All that eating makes a girl thirsty!

Just a few fun ideas for feeding baby "real foods."  What are some of your babies' favorites?

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