Friday, May 31, 2013

Let the 2 Months of Jealousy Begin...

Well, Michael is officially done with teaching for the year, and today marks his first day of Summer break!  Which means this mama is super jealous.  For the next two months, he gets lots of Peanut time, sleeping in time, and a much needed break from work.  JEALOUS.  I just can't help it.  I love my profession, I love that he teaches and as an added bonus gets the entire summer to work on the garden, home projects, and for the second year in a row - spend time with our little lady.  She loves the extra Daddy time, and I love the extra family time - any time I'm off, he is, too.  I know this is great for the two of them and awesome for our family as a whole, but I'm human, and a mama, and thus, super jealous.  **sigh**  I always love our summers, but for today, I think I'm going to let myself be selfish and jealous.  Yep, I just need that.  Tomorrow I'll be excited and happy for us.  But I'll also be off for the weekend... today I'm working a 13.  Words of encouragement appreciated... or you can just scold me for being envious of such an important daddy-daughter relationship.  Either way, your call :)

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