Thursday, May 23, 2013

Peanut Post: Annalyn at 15 months old

Oh, little Peanut, just when I thought you couldn't get any more fun, here you go again.  Suddenly you are directing play time, requesting songs, chatting like crazy, and getting into everything.  You're developing your own little sense of humor and the smallest things (such as "por favor") crack you up.  One of Daddy and my favorites is how you love to put your training pants on your head and call it a hat.  I also can't believe how much and how fast you are learning lately - new words, signs, actions, you name it!  Plus, you are super helpful.  One of your favorite things to do is walk around the house and "clean" everything.

As for the updates, here's a few:

Current Stats:

Weight: 23 lbs. 9 oz.
Height:  31.5"
(about 80th percentile in both)
Teeth:  (top) front four and molars, (bottom) front two, next two just cut, and molars

Sleep:  about 11-12 hours at night and two 1-2 hour naps during the day
Clothing size:  mostly 18 months, size 4 diapers
Shoe size:  4 to 4.5


New words:  (it's a long list this time, you are learning so quickly!)

Apple - you can distinguish between apple, pear, and banana now.  It was really funny at last week's flag football game when you heard Jess counting 1-apple, 2-apple, etc. and , repeated "apple," then signed "eat!"

Down - the other half of the ever-popular "up, up, up!"

Outside - you love to go outside, or even just look out the window.

presents for Mama
Happy - this may be my new favorite word next to Mama.  You started saying/signing this a couple weeks ago, and it has to be the sweetest thing ever.  As we were going up to bed the other night, you requested "pup-pup" (your pacifier which you are down to only having when you sleep), then pulled it out, smiled, and said "happy."  Pretty sure we snuggled extra long that night.

Shoes - a typical girl, you love to talk about shoes!  I taught you this sign and now you request them often.  Although, it's so much more fun to put on other people's shoes and try to walk.

Hot - you learned this word after pulling my still-warm straightener down onto your hand.  Luckily, it had been unplugged for awhile, but it did leave a little mark for a day.  I felt horrible, but used it as an opportunity to teach you about "hot" and things you should not tough (which to you are pretty much synonymous).  So now, anytime we warn you not to touch something, you very dramatically raise your eyebrows and proclaim "HOT!"  Sometimes, you're right, like with Daddy's grill, but other times, it's not quite the case (like the fan).  Either way, it's nice to be able to get that point across to you.

so inventive
Names - you are starting to repeat names when we point out people in pictures.  You are really good at "Emmy", "Ashley" (which is what we call Mama's baby picture because it confuses you otherwise), and "E-I" for cousin Eli and you try some of the others like "Sha-Sha" for Aunt Shannon and you try Remy, but I'm not exactly sure what you sound you use in place of the R sound.  Apparently the rest of our family's names are too hard to try still because you usually just say "baby" or describe what they're wearing (such as Grandpa Mark's hat in the picture on the wall).

Step - We've been working with you to step into your training pants/clothes lately because it's so much easier than laying your squirmy self down on a changing table.  I love how you repeat "step" each time as you do it, then clap when we're done.

Spoon -  or "poon" rather.  I've been letting you try to feed yourself the last part of your breakfast cereal lately to get you used to a spoon.  You love to walk around and "feed" all your dolls and stuffed animals.  We've also tried a fork, and you love to stab at the food, but then take it off with your other hand.

Cook - you understand what it means and walk around with your spatulas (which you have quite the collection of these days) and say "cook".

Sit - you know this command now and repeat it when we tell you or the dogs to sit down.

Bath - you sort of sign this, but say it pretty clearly and get super excited for bath time.
Bubble - you love these outside and in the bath!  Plus, the Bubble Guppies show is your absolute favorite.

Please and thank you - "peas" and "ank you", but you don't quite understand the meaning yet.  You will sign please, but I'm pretty sure you think thank you means blow kisses...we're working on it, though.

Love you - finally, you will say "luf you" when we say it to you.  It's adorable.

deep in thought

Other accomplishments/milestones:

Learning to locate body parts - you can tell us where your or our nose, eyes, mouth, ears, etc. are located.

Trying to dress yourself - you can usually get either your head or an arm in on your own, but haven't quite put them together yet.  Basically, as long as it will stay on, you're content.  You also like to put "hats" on your head, but again, this can be anything from Daddy's ball cap to your training pants.

Walking down the stairs - now you are brave/crazy enough to actually walk down the stairs.  It's the cutest thing, you hold onto the wall or banister, point your little toe and stretch it down until it touches the next step, then plop down with the other leg.

Kicking/throwing a ball - Daddy bought you a big orange ball and you love to kick it around the house and yard.  We also taught you to throw... sort of.  Basically, you get really excited and the ball goes flying somewhere then we clap.

Combining signs - you are starting to combine signs, such as "more food" instead of just using one or the other.

As always, you are the perfect mix of amazing, beautiful, sweet, crazy, curious, and Peanut, which is a category all it's own.  Love you like crazy, my Annalyn.

PS - these are your 15 month pictures I took last weekend.  We were having the best day, playing outside, and I just couldn't help but grab the camera - so glad I did!


  1. She is precious! I miss when my daughter was that little. She will be 20 next month!

  2. Thank you! From what I hear, it goes pretty quick! We are trying to soak up every minute :)