Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peanut Post: First Word

This week Annalyn said her first word (unless you count screams, squeals, and her spit bubble language).  Much to my chagrin, it was dadadadadada.  *sigh*   Just to make sure there was no mistake, she continued to scream it all through Target... dadadada!  dadadada!  Dada was beaming as he pushed her in the cart and Mama bought a dress to make her feel better.  Then I bought a matching one for Peanut, just to remind her that she's still Mama's girl.  When I asked her if she could say mamamama, she replied with lots of spit bubbles and the orneriest grin you can imagine... little stinker.  But gosh, do I love that baby!   Even thought it saddens me, I'm still incredibly proud of her babbling So here it is, caught on tape - Annalyn's first words (the day after that Target date).

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