Friday, November 9, 2012

Mama's Favorite Things - Avocado Slicer


As I've said before, I absolutely love kitchen gadgets.  Honestly, I like gadgets of all kinds, but the kitchen variety are by far my favorite.  I could spend hours in the section of Bed Bath & Beyond where they have floor to ceiling shelves of random kitchen tools.  I will spend forever pondering over each one, trying to decide if it's a huge time-saver/life-changer or just a waste of money.  I have been both pleasantly surprised and disappointed, but this time, I have to say I was amazed. 

I'm sure some of you are thinking, how hard can it really be to slice an avocado?  Why would you spend money on something that can be done with a paring knife?  Well, my friends, watch and see!  This little guy has a serrated edge on one side to cut the avocado in half, a 4-pronged thingy (very technical term, right?) in the center to remove the pit, and the rounded slicing tool on the other side.  It makes beautiful little slices that are all the same width and perfect for sandwiches, salads, and most frequently for us, baby food! 

ok, I'm listening...

I have found that the best way to store avocadoes for baby food is to slice and freeze them, then store in freezer bags until ready to serve.  That way, all we have to do is throw a couple slices into her bowl along with the other baby food cubes and reheat.  The thawed avocado mashes easily and can be added to just about anything.   It also prevents that lovely brown color avocadoes turn when you mash them and then try to refrigerate or freeze the puree.  I could go on, but it's easier to just show you!

cut the avocado in half

press down and turn to remove the pit


run the slicer end down the avocado,
staying as close to the skin as possible

lay slices on a parchment lined plate

top with another piece of parchment paper

lay remaining slices on top,
freeze until solid then place in ziplock freezer bag

label & date
(notice how they didn't brown at all - awesome!)
OMG, that is so awesome!
scream if you're excited!
Now, who wants one of these in their stocking this year?


  1. Eli finally tried some avocados today, and he loves them! I came back to this post for your advice on freezing them. Definitely going to have to get a stockpile for him going. He actually ate them pretty good as finger food, so he might like cold little thawed pieces to help him teeth (if he ever does).

    1. Wonderful! Avocadoes are still one of her favorites - she LOVES guacamole and we toss them into smoothies, too. And these Eddie babies just take their time with the teeth! Annalyn was about 10.5 mos before she got her first tooth, and barely had two by her first bday. Crazy!