Saturday, March 16, 2013

Butler's Mascot, America's Dog

Like any good Butler alumnus, I just adore Blue II.  I still cannot believe that he is 9 years old!  It really makes us feel old since he started his days as the official mascot the same year we came to Butler as freshman.  Wow, times flies. 

Blue II as a puppy
this was what he looked like the first time I met him!

and this is what Michael looked like when I first met him!

I'm sure Blue III, "Trip", will be just as loved and adored, but I'm still sad to think of Blue retiring.  Just last weekend, there was a "passing of the collar" ceremony at the last home basketball game.  So now it's official, Trip is our mascot (although, we all know Blue II will still be around!).  Talk about some big paws to fill.

Blue II (left), and his replacement, Blue III are presented to the crowd during halftime of the men's Xavier at Butler University game, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Saturday, March 9, 2013. Robert Scheer/The Star
photo from Indy Star

We got the honor of personally congratulating Blue II on his retirement and Trip on his big promotion this weekend as the pair visited my Kroger as part of the Big Dawgs Tour.  They are so animated, well-behaved, and obviously used to the spotlight. 

From the moment they walked in, Annalyn absolutely adored them.  At the owner's suggestion, she rode on Trip's back, then posed between the two pooches for some super sweet photos.  She probably felt like a little superstar as about 6 people snapped photos of her playing with them.  Meanwhile, her daddy and I were just beaming :)

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