Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Product Review: Sili Squeeze Food Pouches

Yet another reusable food pouch review!  What can possibly be different about this one?  Well... it actually has a spill proof spout similar to a sippy cup so baby can't squeeze goo all over the place (trust me, once they figure out they can, they will!).  Annalyn does great with the other pouches, but as of now, it has to be a group effort with Mama holding the pouch or she squeezes it everywhere then smears it all over herself and the highchair.  So, I decided that the Sili Squeeze might be worth a shot (especially in the car or on-the-go when it's harder to hold it the entire time).

This product is the 6 oz. Sili Squeeze Original in Leaf.  It costs about $17 and comes in a variety of colors.  Similar to the Beaba Babypote reviewed previously, it's made of silicone, is easy to wash, and seems like it will hold up wonderfully.  There are several improvements over the Babypote, though, including a string that holds the cap on (to prevent it from getting lost and to make a fun sound when shaken), a spill proof spout, and an elongated shape that makes it easier to get all the puree out of the pouch.

It is also available in a 4 oz. size or with a non-spill proof spout as the Sili Squeeze with Eeeze (this one is recommended for kids that are used to the traditional food pouches that are much easier to get food out of).  For $28.99, you can buy a two pack with a 4 oz. original, and a 6 oz. Sili Squeeze with Eeeze.  Another awesome feature I didn't realize it had until I started filling it was the oz. markers on the side.  Nice to know about how much she's getting that way.

And now for Peanut's perspective...
it looks like a bottle...

yep, definitely supposed to drink from it

hmm, what's that hanging on the side?
note to self:  chew on that later


I'll bet this would feel good on these teeth I just cut

but I'm sooo hungry, better get back to eating

oh yea, I forgot about you, lid
better stop to check it out

then back to business!
(notice there's no green goo anywhere on her!)

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