Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wow Moment

While working on taxes and budget planning for the year, I came to a huge realization.  If I made only the minimum payment on all my student loans according to their payment schedule, I would make my last student loan payment in 2030 -  just after Annalyn started college.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I would be paying off college debt until this sweet little baby, who's drowning in the tiniest bulldog sweatshirt available at the Butler Bookstore, is in college herself. 
Talk about motivation to pay a little extra each month! 

I can't decide what scares me more - thinking about being in debt for that long, or imagining my tiny Peanut all grown up and ready to leave her mama.  *sigh*

As if that's not enough to make this mama break down, less than a year ago, this little girl was drowning in the smallest Butler onesie we could find, and fit in the palm of my hand... well sort of.  The palm of my glove at least.   **double sigh**

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