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Invincible:  in·vin·ci·ble, adj. Incapable of being overcome or defeated.

To me, Michael's Grandpa Eddie will always embody invincibility.  Admittedly, I don't know too many specifics of Grandpa's life, such as where he was born, how old he was when he married Grandma, or his exact title when he retired from the military after years of service all over the world.  I know he made the best Russian black bread and buckwheat pancakes I've ever tasted.  I know bits and pieces from the reminiscing tales at family dinners, and the occasional random tidbits Grandpa would throw into everyday conversation such as how many times they'll let you jump out of an airplane. 

Grandpa's legacy
(plus two little men that weren't born yet!)

they may look tough, but these guys have fun, too

I believe the original caption on this one was something like:
"Beware grandpas of pretty granddaughters"
It's a miracle he let her get married last year

What I do know about Grandpa without a doubt, is how much he loved his family and how downright proud of them he was.  Robert G. Eddie raised three amazing children while traveling all over the world.  From those children and their spouses, he was blessed with 7 grandchildren, 5 grandchildren-in-laws, and 6 great-grandchildren (and counting).   He was an incredibly involved and loving father and grandfather.
Grandpa with baby Michael

Brian & Michael reading with Grandpa

meeting Annalyn
these two could always make eachother smile

I think the most amazing thing about Grandpa's relationship with us is that he truly got to know us as adults. Very few people have true adult relationships with their grandparents - we were so lucky to earn his respect as such. He came and stayed with us several times, went golfing with Michael, helped with numerous projects around our house (just 3 years ago at the age of 80, he helped install our granite counter tops.  My last words before leaving for work were "don't you two try to lift that huge piece without help..." I'm pretty sure 2 seconds after my car left the driveway Grandpa insisted on doing just that.  And you just didn't argue with him.), savored my home cooking (my rice pudding, various soups, and meatloaf were some of his favorites), and just enjoyed our company in general.  He taught Michael so much about working with his hands and instilled a love for woodworking in him.  The pictures below were taken in Grandpa's workshop while making Annalyn's cradle.  Grandpa helped us handpick the wood and stayed up late into the night working on it.

can you tell they were thrilled to have
me hovering over them taking photos?

Invincible is the perfect word for this amazing man.  With the love and family he's left behind, not even death can defeat him.  Grandpa was strong and determined to the end.  He knew exactly when it was his time to go and made his peace with it even when the rest of us couldn't comprehend it.  He refused to be bound to a chair with others taking care of him while he suffered.  He was self-sufficient to the end.  And no one argued with that... as Michael said, no one ever argued with Grandpa.  We will always remember him as the strongest, most assertive, respectful man ever.  I will always remember him as the Grandpa that hugged me, told me he loved me, and kissed me on the cheek before every time we parted.  I have always felt welcomed as a part of his family.  What a perfect mix of strong and soft-hearted.  He will be forever missed and always honored by his treasured legacy.

Grandpa with Michael, 1986
To read more about Grandpa's life, you can read his obituary here.  Truly an inspiration.

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