Monday, April 1, 2013

Peanut Post: My Other Birthday

Hi, everyone, it's me, Peanut!  Today is the anniversary of my baptism.  I don't exactly understand it yet, but Mama says it's like having another birthday.  A year ago today, I was surrounded by family, in the little white church in Malmo, NE that my Grandpa Mark grew up in (as well as my Great-Grandpa Barry & Great-Great-Grandma Hanke!). 


I looked so pretty in the gown Mama, Grandma Cindy, and Great-Aunt Kathy all wore when they were baptized.  Everyone was so excited for me.  Afterwards, we even had a party to celebrate!

all the ladies that were baptized in my gown
I am so lucky to have amazing Godparents - my Aunt Emmy (Emily) & Uncle Aaron.  Since the church was all the way in Nebraska, Uncle Aaron couldn't make it, but Aunt Emmy was there to hold me and promise to teach me about the gift of baptism.  Mama says they will do an amazing job of teaching me and encouraging me to seek out the Lord as I get older. 

I am so blessed. Happy Birthday to me, again!

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